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A math tutor

          "Helping primary and secondary school students all over Singapore achieve improvement in their math and science results at our tuition centre.

Where getting distinctions is a breeze!"

A winning strategy for every successful student at SK Enrichment Centre


Not every student is the same, not every tuition centre is the same too.


Here at SK Enrichment Centre we cater to students who are not able to learn effectively when they attend tuition centres with large number of students in each class by restricting the class size to not more than 3 students.


We have the personal touch, where each student is assessed in the first lesson through interaction with the experienced tutor who has more than 20 years of experience in giving tuition to secondary school students in Singapore.


A personally tailored highly effective program is then put into place for the student so that he/she will be cultivated to achieve his/her fullest potential.


Learning is made in a enjoyable and relaxing manner at SK Enrichment Centre


Here, the tutor interacts and become good buddy with the student. In this way, the tuition lesson will be an interactive session rather than a reactive session. Also the student will be able to confide in the tutor his/her weakness so that the tutor will be able to focus more on this weakness and bring out the full potential of the student during tuition.


At SK Enrichment Centre we realise that students need to know  how to absorb the most amount of information in the shortest time during tuition, as time is of essence if the student has only 6 to 9 months before they take their O level examinations.


Here, students have excelled by at least 3 grades within a period of 3 months or even a 7 grade jump over a period of 9 months. Take a look at the amazing results produced by the students  here!


Specially designed in-house training method for effective learning


At SK Enrichment Centre, it goes beyond bombarding students with a large number of questions and instructing them to solve it. Rather, questions are carefully selected based on the weakness and level of challenge that is suitable for the student to solve. The level of difficulty will be adjusted accordingly once the student has mastered the topic,  so that they will not be bored.


Here, we believe in quality above quantity. No need to waste precious time on only a few subjects while sacrificing others along the way as there is only a limited amount of time everyday.


Come on down and see it for yourself, you’ll never spot anyone wasting away their precious time solving repetitive questions during tuition.

You’re invited down to SK Enrichment Centre to try out our highly sought-after tuition lessons where you will learn some of the secret techniques top students have used to consistently score As.

Get an “unfair advantage” by accessing all the critical items to look out for as we reveal decades’ worth of tips and in-house created strategies used to help many batches of students excel in their subjects.

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