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A Math tutor

What started out as a love to stay in touch with what I've learnt in secondary school during my NS time as well as to kill time, evolved into a passion and dedication to help students improve from failure to success. 

The 'success' looks on these young faces and the appreciative SMSes and WhatsApp has egged me on to continually keep in touch with the youth of today, even through my then busy university lecture and tutorial days.

I graduated from Nanyang Technological University in Mechanical and Production Engineering in 2000 and have been giving full time tuition after teaching in Catholic JC till today.  

The personal touch and experience gleaned from the hundreds of students that have been tutored by me 1-1 helps to easily 'click' with the student as well as 'zoom' in directly to their strengths and weaknesses in a snap, thereby enabling parents to see results within the shortest possible period.

I have been giving tuition for more than 24 years and still soldiering on to help more students do well.

SK Enrichment Centre chemistry

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