zhong hua secondary school
Marcus (Zhonghua) 2020

Marcus's mum sent him to tuition at SK Enrichment in December 2019, his grades then was E8, he had been failing his A Math since secondary 3, after 7 months of carefully tailored lessons and intensive practice he finally scored A2. His mum worked together with Mr Chiu regularly to ensure that he was sticking to the study plan tailored for him.

Hakaran (Montfort) 2020

Harkaran started his tuition with Mr Chiu since his N levels in 2019, he scored A2 for his combined science (chemistry & physics), he then decided to continue to do his O levels after being encouraged to do so instead of going for PFP course. He was a very quiet and not really confident of himself. However after comprehensive coaching in SK Enrichment center, he finally achieved his dream of going to the polytechnic upon getting his O level results.

montfort secondary school combined science
Chloe (SCGS) 2020

Chloe started tuition in March 2020, her aggregate score for L1R5 was 29, after 7 months of intensive tuition she improved by 10 points. Her A math jumped from E8 to B3, while her E math improved from C6 to B3, chemistry from D7 to B4.

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compassvale secondary school
Yukun (Compassvale Sec) 2019

Yukun, Nigel's classmate  joined tuition only in June 2019 together, after 3 months of intensive tuition, he manged to improve from B4 for his A math to A1 

additional mathematics singapore
Rayner (Presbytarian High) 2019

Rayner's father made the right decision to enrol him in SK Enrichment for tuition in Chemistry for his O levels, his grades improved from C6 to A1. 

He underwent individually tailored program to coach him on his weaknesses and also help him to absorb quickly all the important concepts in Chemistry

Irfan (Sengkang Sec) 2019

Irfan's results improved drastically since joining up at SK Enrichment for tuition, under carefully planned program for him

His A math before tuition was scoring only E8 to A1 for his O levels, B3 for E math to A1 and B3 for combined science ( chemistry & physics) to A2

sengkang secondary school
SJI junior science PSLE
Titus (SJI Junior) 2019

Titus joined SK Enrichment Centre tuition for his intensive preparation for PSLE

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Nigel (Compassvale Sec) 2019

Nigel  joined tuition only in June 2019, after 3 months of intensive tuition, he manged to improve 6 grades (from 20/80 F9) for his A math and 6 grades (from D7) for his combined science for his O levels examination results

"i'm recommending u to my neighbour" Nigel's mum

Gabriel (Compassvale Sec) 2018

Gabriel joined tuition only in January 2018, after 9 months of intensive coaching, he manged to improve 7 grades for his a math and 5 grades for his combined science for his O levels examination results

Amberly (Compassvale Sec) 2018

"Never did I expect to pass for my E Math and combined science for O levels! It's such a pleasant surprise I manged to get A2 for combined science from F9 and C6 from F9 for e math" Amberly is a NA student who only started tuition in SK Enrichment Centre in July 2018, after 3 months of tuition her grades improved by at least 3 grades

combined science chemistry physics
N levels chemistry
Claire (Punggol Sec) 2018

Claire has topped her cohort in Secondary 1 science and received an Edusave award

Yu Shuang (SCGS)

Yu Shuang started tuition at SK Enrichment Centre since April 2018

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chemistry tutor sk enrichment centre
Shawn's Mum (Junyuan) 2017

"Shawn has been under the guidance of Mr Chiu since secondary 2 for math and science tuition. Mr Chiu is a very patient tutor who has guided Shawn to score A1 for his A math, E math and combined science."

Shawn (Junyuan) 2017

"Thank you for helping me to achieve distinctions and get the Edusave award"

Leo's Mum (Catholic High) 2017

"Without Mr Chiu's constant encouragement and confidence Leo would not have attained straight A1s for his E math, A math, Chemistry and Physics for O levels."

A math tutor
A math
A math
Leo (Catholic High) 2017

"Managed to get top 10 in the whole of Catholic High for O levels plus Edusave award"

Haripriya (TKGS) 2016

"Just 6 months of tuition and my grades jumped from F9 to B3, should have asked my dad to engage Mr Chiu for O level tuition earlier!"

A math
a Math
Sarah (KC) 2016

"His lessons are always so lively and interesting, using simple and easy to understand terms and examples to explain combined science topics"

A Math
A Math
Chantal (KC) 2014

"I've been receiving Edusave award since secondary 1 till O levels for my A math and E math tuition with Mr Chiu. He does understand us secondary school students very well and i can confide in him my problems."