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5 reasons why you cannot close the sale

1. No need.

The person does not need the product or service at that moment in time. Or he does not see the need for it.

2. No urgency.

The person does not see an immediate need for the product. He or she wants to take some time to consider.

3. No desire.

Most of our purchases are based on wants and not needs. There are basic human desires to be met. If we can identify and position our products or service to fulfill the desires, we increase our chances of closing the sale.

4. No money.

Either they really do not have the budget, or don't see value. If they don't have the budget, you should not be targeting them in the first place. If they don't see the value, you have not shown them a compelling reason to buy. We weigh our decisions based on value vs cost. If we can show the client how much value they can get by purchasing the product, we increase our chances of closing.

5. No trust.

They do not trust you enough. They don't trust what you say or believe that you can give them a lot of value. They don't believe that you can deliver on your promises. Share with them your experience. Give them evidence that the product works. Give them testimonials and positive case studies. Establishing trust is the foundational stone to any successful sale.

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