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Bribery scandal in Singapore

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Another high profile bribery scandal has erupted in squeaky clean, least corrupted Singapore.

This time it is the Temasek linked Keppel Offshore & Marine employees, 6 of them to be precise!

They are namely:

1. Chow Yew Yuen, then-current Keppel Offshore & Marine CEO

2. Tong Chong Heong, former senior executive at Keppel Corp

3. Tay Kim Hock, former CEO of Keppel Fels Brasil

4. Kwok Kai Choong, then-current CEO at Keppel Fels Brasil

5. Choo Chiau Beng, a former Keppel Corp CEO and current non-resident ambassador to Brazil

A quick search on google shows that there is a ,Mr Richard Tong Chong Heong

Is this the same guy as the one named in the 2nd employeee?

How can a Commander of VSC, who i believe has almost the same powers as the policeman, also the same duties to upkeep as a policeman be guilty of such a serious offence?

Who are the citizens to trust when they call the police to help in arresting criminals when the commander himself is guilty or condones such illicit activites?

Will this person be stripped of his National Day awards since he has brought shame to the nation?

How about the current non-resident ambassador to Brazil?

Still keeping that job means we are showing to the world that breaking the law pays?

Do you know why the CPIB only gave them a stern warning?

People who get into altercations with the law or with each other get stern warnings too.

Why stern warning? Why not charge the people involved?

The investigations do not take only a few days, they can drag on for months and even years and involve many manhours, after which only a stern warning is given?

In this case, why not just immediately give a stern warning and finish with it?

Since the wordings in the letter are all pre-written to make you feel like you are so lucky to get off with a stern warning only and have to be grateful to the authorities (by extension the ruling PAP party no? Since many of you guys out there are not able to differentiate between government and country), but you got to make sure you behave yourself next time.

The truth is, many police officers are not capable enough to do a thorough investigation, hence they will just collude with their superiors to give out stern warnings to both parties (so easy make no one feel left out).

A true dereliction of their duties and no morals to have by simply taking their monthly paycheques, staying happy and waiting for promotions to drop their way.

This is how our country is being run by a bunch of incompetent leaders who only care about their bank account but not the proper administration of the laws in the country.

Do you want such a thing to happen? What will your children do when they are at the receiving end of the system?

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