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How to maximise your employment entitlement

Many of us do not feel that medical leave is part of your employment entitlement.

Why not?

Imagine if you are not employed by some organisation, you fall sick, then you don't have to apply for any medical leave right?

Hence, medical leave is part of your employment entitlement.

Those who are short of annual leave, you might want to consider to take medical leave. This is better because no one is supposed to call you back to work as you are supposed to be sick. Whereas if you take annual leave, your superior can call you back to work by telling you to cancel your leave.

Also in Singapore, you are entitled to 14 days of medical leave and 46 days of hospitalisation leave under the labour law. This works out to be on average of 1 day per month.

If you are about to leave your company for a new one, you can start to clear your medical leave too. Take a good rest at home with your loved ones or rest in bed till you feel like getting up or just go about doing your household chores.

Remember, if you are sick or not feeling well, do go ahead to take your medical leave. Your organisation will not miss you if you drop dead one day. Take care of yourself and make full use of your employment rights.

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