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child care centres in singapore

I wonder how many parents know what's really going on in these centres?

Firstly, they have so many holidays masked as 'training days' for the teachers.

Do the teachers really go for all of the 'training' or only on some days?

Secondly, when there are only a few students in say K2, do the centres really bother to get teachers to teach them or just throw these kids to one corner for them to do 'drawing' on their own, while focusing on the levels which have more students?

Lastly, for those parents whose children are going on to primary school, and have the last month of december to yourselves, you should really consider taking your child out of the school for that last month!

Save you 1 month of fees as most of the time other students will also be on holiday, thus bringing us back to the problem in point 2 that the students will be neglected.

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