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Ex-MOE school teachers?

I'm rather confused with the obsession of parents looking for ex-MOE teachers to teach their children tuition.

In the first place why do they generally need to have tuition for their children? It's because their children are not performing well right? Where do they not perform well? In a school!

Who teaches them in a school? MOE teachers!

Of course not all MOE teachers are the cause of these students poor grades, but as these teachers have to juggle administrative work with teaching they would not have time or the full effort to focus on the students, hence the need to have tuition.

Well, that's where full time tutors come in and help clarify. Experienced tutors who teach e math, a math, chemistry, physics and combined science one to one for many years have many hours of personal coaching to be able to grasp the weakness and aid the students much faster than their teachers in school who have to focus on a group of at least 30 students in a class.

Therefore hiring an experienced full time tutor who has taught for many years and who has performed well through his students who managed to get good grades from F9 to A2 in 6 months should be a sound choice. Of course, chemistry between student and tutor should be there for wonders to start working.

Dear parents, hope you will take into account the above points when looking out for a tutor. SK Enrichment centre is there to help you if you need a tutor, just leave us a note or call to find out more.

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