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[Free 3hr Facebook Branding and Marketing Workshop]

Date : 11th Jan, Fri, 2018

Time : 7pm-10pm

Registration starts at 6.45pm

Venue: Around Telok Ayer MRT Station.

Click the link to register to get details for the exact venue.

Price: FREE

Find out:

Secret #1: Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media Is The Most Effective Form Of Marketing

Secret #2: Branding Secrets

How To Get Instant Credibility and Position Yourself As An Expert

Secret #3: Marketing Cloning:

How Anyone Can Be A World Class Marketer… Even If You Have No Experience Or Zero


Find out:

*How the speaker raised $30,000 with 2 Facebook posts

*How to build a Facebook page with 3000-4000 real, targeted followers for free

*How to get unlimited customers in any country according to your target audience

*How to get customers according to your target profile

*How to get customers appointments Everyday

* How He built a page of 31,000 followers within 6 months:

* How to launch Facebook Advertisements

* How to spend $1 on marketing and get $3 back.

This will be a value packed seminar. So be sure to be there early! Don’t miss this opportunity.

Seats are limited, Pls register your free seat here:

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