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Grab,Go Jek, Ryde, Tada

Now that Go Jek has formally entered the singapore market, they are giving out enticers to PHV drivers and riders to encourage them to use their services.

Let's hope this round of 'hand outs' will last longer, also PHV drivers will be 'clever' and not squander their earnings away!

No other big player is in sight so far.

Wonder why 'investors' would literally burn so much money 'investing' in companies like Grab, Go Jek, there is literally no returns!

To me, it seems like Grab and the likes are just fronts for 'Robin Hoods' to get their hands on easy money and share some of this loot with the lower rungs of society.

Of course, these CEOs themselves would first enrich themselves by paying themselves high salaries, and also try to list their worthless companies on the stock market thereby ensnaring more innocent but greedy investors to buy their shares.

End of the day, it's still buyer beware.

As for the drivers, please save up. Time and tide waits for no man. We only have 1 forty five year old in our life time!

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