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Plastic bag usage in Singapore

There has been rumblings about charging Singaporeans for plastic bags at the supermarket as we are labelled as not environmentally friendly.

This i feel is the biggest lie. Most of us make use of the plastics bags from the supermarket to pack our frozen food before we store them in the freezer or we use the bags to bag our trash to dispose into the rubbish bins/chutes.

I have been noticing on my morning walks to the park that actually, NEA or NParks, whichever one is the one who is 'encouraging' plastic bag usage in a very environmentally unfriendly manner!

The contractors tasked to clear the bins at the park have to change the plastic bags daily, whether the bins are full or with almost negligible amount of trash in them.

I understand the rationale behind is to make it easier for the lazy bureaucrats up there to monitor their work by the different coloured plastic bags in the bin on the different days if these lazy bureaucrats so decide to hit the ground and do a spot check. What the hell? I mean being lazy to such an extent and allowing wastage is fine at the top? Whilst the man on the streets who use only small bags are blamed for generating un-recyclable waste?

Hey environmental NGOs, don't go barking up the wrong tree! Or is it because you get funding from you know who so you don't dare to do the right thing by the proverbial 'biting the hand that feeds you'? Look properly! The government themselves are the biggest generators of waste, as them to cut down and almost one third of waste will be gone!

I will be updating with pictures once i manage to take them.

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