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Propoganda rubbish from PAP

After reading this, you would be proud of being labelled 'anti-Singapore':

List of people and organisations that were labelled "anti-Singapore" by the PAP and their sychophants:

-Thum Ping tjin, Oxford historian (for researching into the 'real' history of Singapore)

-Amos Yee, youngest political prisoner in the world (for daring to criticise Lee Kuan Yew)

-The Real Singapore, most popular website in Singapore's history (for posting anti-PAP articles and influencing loads and loads of youth who read their website)

-Chee Soon Juan, jailed and bankrupted leader of the SDP (for raising problems in Singapore to the international scholars and at TEDTalks)

-The SDP, the party as a whole has been labelled as trying to 'do Singapore in'.

-Sylvia Lim, chair of Singapore's largest Opposition party, WP (for bashing PAP's electoral system during an Australian news interview)

-The WP, labelled as being a 'time bomb'.

-Dr Mahathir Mohammed, Prime Minister of Malaysia (for standing up for his own country and tring to undo the interests sold away by his predeccesor)

-conscience defenders of Mahathir in Singapore who call out PAP's bullying and hypocrisy

List of people taken to be pro-Singapore and 'good for Singapore' by the PAP:

-Lee Kuan Yew, first and longest Prime Minister of Singapore, also dictator of most successful dictatorship in the world (traitor who worked as a Japanese translator for the Japs during their WWII occupation of Malaya)

-SR Nathan, ISA operative (during PAP's crackdown on dissidents) and two-term, unelected (walkover) President of the Republic of Singapore (traitor who similarly worked for the Japs during their occupation in Singapore)

-Goh Chok Tong, second Prime Minister and puppet of the Lee regime (sued Chee Soon Juan for asking him 'where is the money?' to which he gave no answer except a civil defamation suit, which he won (not going to say how he did it, just in case there is contempt of court), and chided Tan Cheng Bock for being 'crafty with his words)

-in fact, the above 3 are called '3 Good Men' in the ruling administration's propaganda literature for elections.

-Lee Hsien Loong (too current to need description)

Now, decide for yourselves who are anti-Singapore, and who are pro-.

If you can't decide, maybe you need some IQ training.

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