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SAF training deaths

What's wrong with this current minister of defence and his generals these past 16 months?

4 deaths of young guys in the prime of their lives!

All because they were forced to serve in the army that was meant to protect the country's citizens and also to send them home safe and sound once their duty was done.

But NO , this army organisation led by scholars who do not know what is exactly happening on the ground because they themselves have their own career path carved out and they are to just follow the path to walk themselves to higher echelons with obscene pay!

How much time do they actually spend on the ground mixing with the lower rank and file? Will they actually manage to get a feel of the real pulse on the ground rather than just scrapping the top and feeling that all is well and fine?

Perhaps it's this type of insulation that they are experiencing that makes them immune to exactly what goes on on the ground that when they are 'invited' to join the ranks of politics, they also continue to be insulated from the ground, as well as continue to feel self entitled as they think that they deserve to be there due to their scholar status!

These scholar generals and ministers forgot that they are there because their studies and remuneration have been paid by the taxpayers(whether highly or lowly taxed)!

Therefore, these generals and ministers should be actually be grateful for a free education and make a genuine effort to pay back to the country and not think of more ways to rip off or trample on citizens to get themselves higher up the ladder!

Of course since they have been insulated, they just listen to their minions who feed them with mis-information and come out with mis-guided policies to be implemented.

This of course leads to overzealous commanders who want to perform and they will slave drive the lower ranks and make them ignore, or cut corners, leading to unnecessary deaths!

During peace time, even a serious injury sustained is one too many an incident!

What more a death? That's even more unacceptable!

Heads should roll! And this should start right from the top!

Hiding behind laws that give the military immunity is not what a real man with balls should do!

Take responsibility and save your own family from being a shame by stepping down!

The parents who lost their precious children will have some closure when you do this!

But of course they do not have any sense of guilt even though their hands are smeared with blood as they know they are immune!

The only recourse is for the citizens to stand up and choose the party which is willing to change the laws to go after these irresponsible generals!

And that change can only come from the ballot boxes!

#VTO !!!

Look at this defence minister saying that 'no one needs to fear any disciplinary action for doing right to protect lives during training' , who is he kidding? Hello NEH, you served before in the army as a recruit, don't you know that what you experienced your time hasn't changed a single bit till now? Do you spend time 'ambushing' your minions by giving surprise visits to army camps or you just go to staged visits and rub shoulders with soldiers who are chosen to meet you only?

Get real, any one who dares to do the right thing will be marked for the rest of his army days! No more off-in-lieu, no more long weekends, no more off, no more nights out, no more canteen breaks, more guard duty, the list goes on!

Who in their right mind would dare to 'obey' your post?

Time to have a full time army and pay out the real amount allocated for defence spending rather than doing some nice accounting and making sure that no money flows out but back to the state coffers!

When we have a real full time army, these guys will have to look out for themselves as they know that they can back out any time the situation goes dangerous, whereas for a conscripted army, they can't they have to just endure and hope they can go back alive in one piece at the end of the day!

Singaporeans, please get ourselves together!

Say no to unnecessary deaths!

Choose wisely come the next elections!

Take back our country and make it great again!

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