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SBS Transit CEO who resigns over “personal indiscretion” earns $1.2 million last year

It was reported that SBS Transit CEO Gan Juay Kiat who has tendered his resignation to take responsibility for a “personal indiscretion” was allegedly caught having affairs with subordinates and other married women by the private investigator company, Kokusai Security Pte Ltd.

Gan, a former President and SAF scholar has been with the ComfortDelGro-owned transport group for 11 years. He is married with grown-up children and has helped place SBS Transit as an efficient multi-modal operator, ST reported.

Kokusai Security was hired by someone to trail Gan and get evidence of his “personal indiscretion”.

Kokusai Security later posted posted a video and a picture of Gan's "indiscretion" online, after they had the consent from their client to do so. Kokusai Security alleged that in fact, Gan had "multiple affairs with subordinates/married women within a month". It added that Gan had "different women in Singapore during office hours/weekends and overseas".

Despite Gan's resignation over his "indiscretion", SBS Transit Chairman Lim Jit Poh still says Gan is a good CEO. He told the media, "We have lost a good CEO, who has done much for land transport in Singapore."

Indeed, Gan is so good that last year, SBS Transit paid him a total of $1,221,280 last year, according to SBS Transit's 2017 Annual Report:

>> Why does he need to resign?

What about those women who slept with him?

How come they are not exposed?

These women also most probably got salary rises,promotions, not getting the sack or other 'benefits' traded by sleeping with him!

By allowing these women to continue in SBS Transit means that it is ok to trade sex for favours at the expense of the company!

These women should be exposed and sacked or they themselves should also resign to take responsibility for their immoral behaviour!

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