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Singhealth cyberattack

Just today finally there is some news about the cyber attack at Singhealth.

It seems like a rehearsed show.

Some low ranking personnel are fired, while the CEO of IHiS gets off with a slap on his wrist by getting his salary or bonus deducted!

This is a more serious issue than the scandal at SBS Transit where the CEO had to step down due to him not able to keep his pants on in the office!

The cyber attack revealed that some of our biodata was stolen, how true is it that this data is not that critical is still a question mark due to the opaque nature of how this country is run.

For all you know, maybe everything about us has been collected by the attackers and they know what to do to us next! Perhaps they could start raising prices of say diabetes medication cause they know a majority of us suffer from say some type 1,2 diabetes?

This will cause our cost of living to go higher!

Perhaps this is just too simple a 'reward' for the attackers?

Maybe something more sinister or deeper effect will be in store for us?

This CEO of IHiS should be fired! Period! No 2 ways about that!

Wonder what 'connections' he has such that he's 'untouchable' by being let off so lightly?

Rumour has it that the cyber attackers were from China!

So much for messing with China dear LHL!

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