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school home work for parents?

Have you parents been told by your children that the teachers in school ask the parents to help them to do their work?

Well, it seems like this is now the norm in Singapore schools.

Parents are supposed to help their children do work, i mean why is this so?

The assignments given to the children are out of their league so the parents have to step in? Then in this case don't give such assignments to the children!

During my time, we weren't given such out of reach or difficult to complete assignments so that we have to rope in our parents to help out! Anyway, our parents were also too busy to help so we had to think of a way out. Doesn't this mean that we were much better off as we learnt how to adapt fast?

Whereas for now, the children seem to be told that they should depend on their parents. Won't this make the children less independent?

Wonder what is the ministry of education doing? Did those policy implementers not reflect on their own school time and then come out with similar policies?

Yes, we need to be ahead of the game in this fast moving world, but that does not mean getting parents to do the work for the children, it should be that work assigned could be of rising levels of difficulty so that the children can build up their confidence and independence.

This will train them to be innovators and entrepreneurs rather than be obedient workers headed for the office to follow instructions and just take home salary every month and wait for retirement.

If this trend continues, we will just be producing followers and not leaders. Then we will still be left behind and overtaken by countries which produce leaders. Our country will be headed downhill!

Wake up parents! Challenge the teachers and MOE to not make our children followers but leaders!

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